LEAD IN TIMES OF CRISIS with  Leadership Coaching

Are you and your organization struggling to thrive during the COVID-10 Pandemic?
Coaching can help you and your teams cope with fear, anxiety and uncertainty and establish new habits that empower you to connect, engage, inspire and lead with courage and compassion.  
When crisis arises - we find ourselves dealing with a new reality and uncertainty.  People get scared, stressed and overwhelmed.  Their attention gets divided between work, home family and constant updates from the media.  They worry about their own well-being and that of their loved ones and what the future holds.
As leaders, we need to take the lead and help our people adapt to this new reality.  We can no longer overlook the humanness in the people we lead nor can we expect people to show up in full work mode leaving their personal lives behind. 

You and your staff may be dealing with some underlying challenges :

  • Anxiety about the world, their health and their job stability

  • Uncertainty about their contribution at this time

  • Feelings of disconnection or isolation

  • Difficult or distracting home situations

  • Inexperience with self-management 

  • Lack of sleep due to stress

  • Caring for sick family members

  • Attempting to home school or parent young children while working

Here are some challenges your team or organization may face in crisis:

  • People not knowing what to do

  • Communication

  • Distribution of workload

  • Work expectations

  • Motivation and productivity

  • Self-management

  • Effective collaboration

Getting to this place requires 4 main areas of focus:



It is so important to confront your own fears, anxieties and frustrations. When we are thrust into a crisis situation, it’s only natural for that to cause inner strife. When you start by working through your own struggles, you can get yourself to a place where you’re able to respond – rather than react – to the people and situations around you. You’re able to deal with what comes your way with a clear mind, adapt more smoothly to changing circumstances, seize opportunities for personal growth.



We need to understand the reality of others. We aren’t all working in the same environment or emotional space. Get curious about others. What does their reality look like and what is your impact? In situations where the physical workspace is stripped away, one positive is that we no longer have the option to only acknowledge the person as an employee. We have to acknowledge them, and accept them, as fully human and all that comes with that.



In a time when so much is out of our control, having a sense of shared direction can help ground people in a powerful and truly engaging way. Without a physical office holding people together, it’s natural that individuals, teams or departments will start feeling isolated, that cliques will form and that we’ll struggle to relate to each other. Creating a sense of shared direction means establishing routines and virtual channels that create connection and keep people motivated to work together, support each other and consider their impact on one another and the organization.

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